…offering a wide variety of classes to empower & strengthen YOU!



Want to dance, laugh, and have fun while burning 700 to 1200 calories? Join Lulu and Mal for a ZUMBA Class!


Classes are offered Friday evenings from 7-8pm.

Drop in rate is $5 per class or purchase a 5 class punch card for $20.


Lilli Livine Fitness Classes


Fusia Dance Center welcomes Lilli Livine! Lilli is an ASFA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Come join her for some fitness fun!

“Make fitness your lifestyle.”- Lilli Livine


Class Descriptions

(Classes will be geared towards all levels, beginners to advanced)

Arms & Abs

Do you want awesome arms and cut abs? If the answer is yes, come to Arms & Abs! You will tone your arms and tighten your abs using dumbbells and your body weight to strengthen and shape your arms while building up your core strength. Let’s get to work!

Body Blast

A fun choreographed weight training class that works all the major muscle groups. We will use step benches, dumbbells and your own body weight to strengthen and sculpt your body.

Cardio Hiit

Hiit training is high intensity interval training. Using 30 second intervals of cardio and strength training your goal is to work in your targeted heart rate zone. This high impact workout is designed to blast away calories and build muscle.


You will work through multiple stations throughout the room using a variety of equipment. This will help you increase your strength and build your anaerobic stamina!

Glide & Tone

Put those feet on a pair of Glider discs and let’s workout! This class combines glider discs, stability balls and dumbbells to tone, lengthen and build your body. Targeting your lower and upper body along with your core. You will get a full body workout!


Gutts & Butts

This class is a quick high energy muscle conditioning class that tones and shapes your hips, thighs, butt, and abdomen. Exercises target your entire core and lower body. It will be a fun way to workout!

Insane Abs

This 45 minute class will take you through an abdominal workout like you have never experienced before. Get ready for the burn!

Pilates Props

Make a mind body connection in this class. Pilates exercises will improve flexibility, balance and increase muscle strength. We will use your body weight, dumbbells and the stability balls for this class.

Stretch Time

Want to give yourself a treat? Come to this yoga inspired relaxing stretch class. Stretching and lengthening your muscles can increase flexibility at any age. By stretching, you widen your range of motion, which in turn means your limbs and joints can move through a greater range and help ward off injury. Stretching reduces muscle tension, enhances coordination, increases your blood flow and creates higher energy levels.


Tabata was created in Japan by Izumi Tabata. It is designed to go through 8 intervals of 20 seconds at a high intensity followed by 10 seconds rest. This type of training improves your aerobic and anaerobic systems. This is for participants looking for the next level challenge in their fitness.

Want more personalized fitness sessions? Schedule a Personal Training Session with Lilli!

Lilli will evaluate your fitness level with a full body assessment. Together you will work towards your individual goals, tailoring the workouts to you. Understanding any injuries or limitations you have and training within those guidelines to get you RESULTS!

Contact Lilli for more info & to sign up for Personal Training: Lillilavine@gmail.com