Leaders in Performing Arts Education


Our mission and our passion is to share the joy of dance with the community around us and create a place that nourishes students in the art of dance and enables them to achieve things they never imagined!

At FDC, students are encouraged to expand their horizons and take a new class such as modern, hip hop, or contemporary to explore their creativity and movement. All classes are taught by professionals in their field, and students are challenged in a fun and positive way!

Our school prides itself in its family oriented feeling as it wishes to serve as place of comfort and growth for students. There is nothing more meaningful than watching a student build confidence while exploring the art of dance.

Why Fusia?

  • 11,000 square feet of beautiful facility space equipped with Harlequin Marley Dance Floor systems

  • Generous waiting area with TV monitors for parent’s viewing

  • Various class options for all ages and classes

  • Incredible team of Faculty and desk staff

  • Multiple performance opportunities for Recreational and Pre-professional students

  • A positive and healthy environment for all families and students

  • A unique dance curriculum

  • A pre-professional dance company for 10 years

  • An established NYC based professional company for future FuSia Dance Alumni

Our classes challenge dancers to move organically, to think creatively and independently and to challenge themselves in new ways every moment possible. For us it is not just about the steps, it is about instilling a full understanding of dance education beginning with creativity, body awareness, technical execution, dance history, dance vocabulary, composition, improvisation and various other essential tools for one’s dance career.


Dance stays a part of us no matter where our paths lead us in life.