When dropping or adding a class at any time during the year, the front desk must be notified. Not showing up for classes, does not constitute a withdrawal from class. Accounts will continue to be charged for tuition as well as any costumes we believe needed until the drop-add form has been completed. This is very important for attendance and costume ordering purposes. All class changes must be made by November 1st due to costume ordering – NO EXCEPTIONS.  This insures that we order the proper costumes for each class/student.  If a class is switched without notice, there may not be a costume available.  Please make sure the front desk is aware of any class changes. Please note: if the front desk has not been notified of a class change and costumes have been ordered, we may not be able to return a costume for a dropped class.


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The studio follows Stroudsburg School District for School/studio closings. However, an official decision on evening classes will always be made by 2pm that day.  Two hour delays will result in studio opening at 10am for morning classes.  Please see attached calendar for our holidays/days off.  Calendar is subject to change pending snow days used. We do not prorate for snow days missed.  If there are any snow days in additional to the 2 accounted for we will offer makeup classes to the best of our ability.


Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Students should be prompt and prepared for class. If you are more than 15 minutes late to class, you may be asked to sit out of class.  If you miss more than 3 consecutive classes, you may be asked to understudy the piece for recital.


As a courtesy to other students, families, & our staff, students who are ill should not be in class. Please do not send students to classes until they have been fever/symptom free for at least 24 hours. There are lots of germs around and we would like to keep our students, families, & staff as healthy as possible! Students may observe classes if they are working through an injury, but should not be observing classes if they are sick. 

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We have a dress code for all students except for our Dance Basics/Hip Hop Tots students. Students must wear comfortable form-fitting dance attire to display proper body alignment and allow for easy movement. No jeans, jewelry or any inappropriate attire will be allowed. Hair should always be securely pulled away from the face. Teachers reserve the right to sit students out of class if not properly dressed.

BALLET – Level colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes, skirts, wraps, shorts over tights or tutus are allowed but we must always be able to see the knees and ankles.

TAP/JAZZ – Level colored leotard, black leggings or shorts and tap/jazz shoes.

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY – Level colored leotard, black leggings or shorts and bare footed

HIP HOP – comfortable clothing and sneakers

ACRO- same as Modern/Contemp


·       Students should be dressed and prepared for class before it starts.

·       No street shoes should be worn in the studios. Please change into dance shoes before class.

·       No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the dance studios. We do supply water bottles at the studio for your convenience.  They are $1 per bottle.  Please make sure your child has money on them if they wish to purchase water. 

·       Important: Parents should not leave young students or siblings (under 12 yrs) unattended in the waiting area before or after class. If you need to run out, your child(ren) in waiting room must be with you.

·       Please do allow siblings/dancers to climb on furniture or be disruptive.  Please keep toys off of the floor so traffic will not be affected.  Digital toys, books, and coloring books are recommended to keep kids busy while waiting.

·       Chewing gum is never allowed in the dance studios.

·       Always treat your teacher and fellow classmates with respect. This includes inappropriate language.

·        Please help keep our beautiful waiting room and locker room area clean.  Throw any trash away and put all your dance stuff securely in a locker, cubby, or shelf.  We are not responsible for missing shoes, clothing, electronics, etc.

·       NO cell phones allowed in classrooms.  Unless there is an emergency, dancers may contact parents between classes. If using cell phones during break time, no students can photograph or video tape other dancers without their permission. This is very important for the safety of all dancers.  Also, please talk with your dancers about what they are posting on social media. .  Inappropriate posts pertaining to other students or dance studio will result in their release from our studio.   Absolutely no posting of any choreography (less than 30 seconds is permitted).

·       PARKING LOT – It is imperative in keeping all our families safe, so please DO NOT stop or park in front of our entrance – This is considered a fire hazard!  Also, there is no smoking allowed in our building or parking lot.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



As with any good relationship, we believe communication is important to have productive and happy families! We have monthly newsletters sent home as well as emailed to you.  If you are not receiving a newsletter from your dancer, please let us know.  Our biggest form of communication at the studio is email.  If you do not have an email, please let us know so we can make arrangements to get you the information that you need.  We will be using BandApp for most of our communication during the year as well as email.  This will allow you to access newsletters, calendar, and other pertinent information. We also have a Facebook page and we are on Instagram.   These are great ways to keep up to date on weather related closings or upcoming events.  Note: We no longer use email. You can reach us at or 570-421-7895.

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FuSia Dance Center is proud to offer a winter ballet production for our dance studio.  Ballet and audition announcements come out in September and rehearsals run on Saturdays.  It is imperative to be in good attendance for these rehearsals since they are limited to only a couple of months.  There is a $25 performance fee. Our production is performed in December at Notre Dame High School Theater.


As a courtesy to all our families, we have a week in the spring dedicated to dance pictures in their recital costumes.  This is not mandatory.

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Recital information will be sent home in October with costume information. Your recital day/time is listed on the fall schedule to assist you in picking classes. Dress rehearsal schedule will be available in April. Our recital is not mandatory.  Just let the teachers and desk staff know if you do not wish to participate by November. We do have backstage mothers to help out.  We have signups in March and allow 2 mothers per class only.   Please be aware that when you will receive a pass for your dancer when you bring them to the recital.  This pass will be used to retrieve your child at the end of recital.  For the safety of your child(ren) and all our other dancers, all students must stay in the backstage/classroom area with their designated dance mom until they are released to your care at the end of the show.